Despite the international fame of Lake Como, the submerged part of the area is often known only for the deterioration phenomena: increase of nutrients by human effluents, spread of microplastic fragments, thermal alteration, insertion of allochthonous species, and loss of biodiversity.

With this pilot project, we want to make an active contribution to the conservation of the area’s natural heritage by restoring and bringing to maximum ecosystem complexity a submerged littoral area of the lake.

We chose to start with the submerged plants because we are convinced that they are the best ally for restructuring the ecosystem.

The basis for promoting sustainable development processes.

by Proteus

The ecosystem of the lake has been altered! We have begun to understand it, and strategies to remedy it are being studied. Emmsì, thus met a strange human race. Made of fins, snorkels, masks and black suits. They created the Re-Lake.

They will repopulate the shoreline down to a depth of 10 meters, where light still reaches the algae.

It is they who support the life of the lake all the way into its dark abyss.

Emmsì will help them restore the environmental balance, returning fish to the lake.

He will identify an area to repopulate by cleaning it of trash.

It will be a small field to cultivate.

He will collect the algae by taking them to where they will be safe.

After the cleaning is completed, he will implant them in small bases designed to transport them to their destination.

You will see them reared in aquariums with controlled temperatures and oxygenation.

A long way that will lead Emmsì to plant them in the reclaimed lake area.

Now it will be necessary to keep an eye on the growth of algae and not allow them to be disturbed.

With underwater web cams Emmsì will monitor this process and document the autonomous expansion of the revitalized algae.