Evolution and adaptation, a journey through Lake Como over time, in the company of a magical alien creature.

A lake that changes its ecosystem together with the protagonist of this story, who lives in its waters and adapts to the ever more cumbersome presence of humans.

“I want to shed light on a theme that is very close to my heart: that of the pollution of the lake. Much is already being done, but each of us can still do a great deal.”

The world is going through a period of climatic upheaval. Let’s learn from Emmsì to take care of our precious resources and make our lake even more beautiful.

A long time ago the son of the moon, inside his egg, fell straight into Lake Como.

The cosmic egg hatched and an alien in the shape of a huge tadpole made its appearance in the Larian Triangle.

In ancient times it shared, with the Lariosaurus, a wonderfully rich ecosystem.

In those beautiful clean waters flora and fauna thrived.

Soon, some of the small creatures that inhabited the surface began to leave a sign of their presence.

Simple artifacts lay on the bottom of the lake, leaving the alien creature to admire them in curiosity.



The RE-LAKE project

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Linked to a past and a place rich in history and emotions, he lives hidden from the sight of mere mortals, a magical being.

Many names he has received in the past and many he will receive in the future, what name you call him does not matter, however you are right.

His power is that of world passages, whether it is a remote past, a distant future, the present, every world and multiverse will be the destination of his journey, even in the metaverse …