Evolution and adaptation, a journey through Lake Como over time, in the company of a magical alien creature.

A lake that changes its ecosystem together with the protagonist of this story, who lives in its waters and adapts to the ever more cumbersome presence of humans.

“I want to shed light on a theme that is very close to my heart: that of the pollution of the lake. Much is already being done, but each of us can still do a great deal.”

The world is going through a period of climatic upheaval. Let’s learn from Emmsì to take care of our precious resources and make our lake even more beautiful.

A long time ago the son of the moon, inside his egg, fell straight into Lake Como.

The cosmic egg hatched and an alien in the shape of a huge tadpole made its appearance in the Larian Triangle.

In ancient times it shared, with the Lariosaurus, a wonderfully rich ecosystem.

In those beautiful clean waters flora and fauna thrived.

Soon, some of the small creatures that inhabited the surface began to leave a sign of their presence.

Simple artifacts lay on the bottom of the lake, leaving the alien creature to admire them in curiosity.

They told tales of battles and shipwrecks.

Over time the magical creature, almost without realizing it, changed its shape.

With two large fins it was able to swim faster and make long leaps out of the water.

Now the alien creature could admire, from below and above the surface of the water, those objects facing the waves back and forth around the lake.

With the carefreeness of a child playing with a toy car, he, too, took to playing with those little boats.

Because of his gigantic size and eagerness to play, he had caused repeated shipwrecks.

Those little human creatures had begun to fear him and call him a monster.

Over the years, human presence became increasingly conspicuous and began to deface the lake.

It created waste pipes as well as multiple artifacts, using materials that could no longer be degraded.

No more iron or wood, but plastics and hydrocarbons.

The waters of the lake thus took on an increasingly alien appearance.

And the materials grew out of all proportion, silently disrupting a perfect ecosystem.

Their presence began to tell a sad tale of contamination and pollution.

The magical creature, for the second time in its life, made an evolution.

It was not by chance but by his own decision.

It had to adapt to that new world it did not yet understand.

It modified its shape and size.

With the help of four legs he could explore the world beyond the waters and a smaller size helped him hide from prying eyes.

As time passed, new, curious, and complex objects sank into the dark waters.

What could they possibly be used for?

His question was not answered.

Litter, permanently present in the lake waters, became obstacles impossible to overcome even with four legs.

He realized that he needed new abilities.

Thus it was that our alien became aware that he had a magical power, that of evolving as needed.

He took on a humanoid form to try to coexist with the modern world.

He needed a name, so at least he had heard humans call themselves.

He was the Moon Child. He was the Moon Child.

Or, for his new friends, MC.

He decided that his name would therefore be “Emms.”

In this new form he found it amusing to use the inventions of human beings.

He learned to explore the customs of the laghee, yet he kept encountering new artifacts, which were used, thrown away and became waste.

They were a sign of man’s bad habits.

Piles of abandoned garbage during summer weekends.

Garbage on the surface or dragged into the deep, dark waters.

Emmsì saw his beautiful lake losing the abundance of life for which it was the cradle and decided it was time to make a contribution.

Like all good stories, Emmsì’s also needs a happy ending and a helping hand from man.



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