EMMSì first name of the Lake Como monster protagonist of the events of Lario MOon.

The character with whom I intend to explore the evolutionary spiral, through different art forms, a journey between past, present, future of art and human evolution, visiting multiverse and metaverse.

The underwater environment of Lake Como and its evolution of pollution in a journey parallel to that of the child of the moon.

To answer a question:

Who is the monster?


A new adventure

I started working on the Lake Pollution project in mid-September. An ambitious project, it encapsulates the whole evolutionary concept I had envisioned for Emmsì, accompanied by the story of evolution of pollution in Lake Como.

A path designed to support the RE-LAKE project and popularize their valuable work.


I haven’t stopped yet

On the momentum taken at the end of 2021 in this last year I have made more various works than in the previous 5 years.

I decided to start the year by making a graphic novel of the story of the birth of Lario MOon that I had written in 2018.

8 tables that illustrate the birth and the desire that pushes the Lario MOon to leap out of the water every full moon.

After designing and layout the Graphic Novel, getting help to improve the text and translate it into English, I had fine art prints made of the tables, I had them framed.

In the meantime, I dedicated myself to studying 3D modeling in Blender to create the Lario MOon and bring it to life.

I wanted to duplicate and 3D print so I devoted myself to learning the fundamentals of 3D printing and experimenting.

I came to make a first model “that satisfies me” and that has few printing problems with the Low Poly technique and print it in various scales.


2020 where did you end up with Lario MOon?

A hole…

2020 was not a good year for Lario MOon, the fault of the work, the fault of the lack of inspiration, I spent a lot of time reorganizing ideas, studying, reading, and trying to organize a project road map.

How to continue the Lario MOon, I started a painting by experimenting with new mixed techniques, with wax or for fairness the Encaust, but I got stuck, not because of the technique, but for the painting itself, it is almost finished in reality but it is remained so at 90%.

Only towards the end of 2021, did I find new energy and started producing again, I decided to devote myself to smaller format paintings, in order to increase production and make enough for an exhibition.


Why so many different Lario MOons?

After discovering my multipotential nature, learning ability and need to do different disciplines, I realized that dedicating myself only to creating paintings or drawings would lead me to continuous creative blocks.

I gave free rein to the feeling of the moment and I decided to follow my creative flow by experimenting with different techniques and arts.

So I find myself following online courses, and learning or deepening techniques of color and light, new digital design software, classic and 3D modeling, 3D printing, video or Crypto Art.


Why did I create the Lario MOon?

Trivially I want to enhance the splendid territory in which I live and live, mix fantasy with real places. I say trivially because many artists boast much more noble intentions than this, social messages, of integration, politics, religion, etc …

I was in Rome a few years ago, on my return I wanted to bring my children a souvenir, I found the same 35-year-old souvenirs, conceptually from the time of my first visit. Statuettes of monuments, holy cards, pennants…. and I asked myself.

“But is it possible that in 2012 there are only these antiquated and standardized souvenirs?”

Living near Bellagio I noticed that even here tourists have little choice, even there are objects out of place that you would find elsewhere (for example Pinocchio).

Here on Lake Como one of the most original souvenirs is the famous Lario’s typical boat “Lucia”, less famous than the Venice Gondola, or in the Lecco branch where I live there are all the royal places belonging to del Manzoni’s Promessi Sposi, but I always wonder how famous Manzoni is abroad?

Then I thought of a lake very famous for its “Loch Ness” monster and a beautiful gadget that some friends brought me, those are brilliant ideas and in step with the times, and an example of a monster that has created a crazy tourist induced from all over the world.

Since I’ve been renting an apartment as a holiday homes on Airbnb for a few years and hosting tourists from all over the world, I asked myself “why not let them find a nice souvenir?”

A unique memory of the lake made by me, that’s why I thought of creating a story and a character on our beautiful Lake Como, a story that could also be linked to a tourist route and an itinerary to propose to visitors …


How did the idea of the Lario Moon come about?

The idea of the Lario MOon was born by fantasizing about the existence of the Lariosaurus, an aquatic dinosaur fossil that actually lived in the Larian area and from which it took its name.

I have read 3 of the books, one published by Teka Edizioni Lecco, which were written about the Lariosaurus, I know at least one song about the lake monster, and in the post-war chronicles in some newspapers articles have appeared that deal with some strange sightings of a monster from Lake Como.

The idea of writing something about the monster fascinated me, but at the same time after scribbling some drawings and modeling a figurine, I realized that I didn’t want to make a creature too constrained in the appearance of a chestnut because it didn’t have enough charm, besides look like yet another Loch Ness clone.
So I added a pinch of fantasy both in the design and in the name and free from the cages of the Lariosaurus my LarioMOon was born.



Lario MOon

What is a Lario MOon?

The Lario MOon is a fantastic creature that lives in the deep and dark waters of Lake Como.

In a universe parallel to ours, he swims peacefully in the currents of the lake bed among algae and other aquatic creatures.

An alien being who fell on earth millennia ago, son of the Moon attracted by his splendid light, peeps out on full moon nights, breaking the waters with his gigantic bulk.

On full moon nights, when the thin layer that makes the multiverses invisible, the power of the moon feeds the magic and triggers the power of the Lario MOon globes.

A dimensional portal opens up so the Lario MOon crosses into our dimension, overwhelming the unfortunate fishing boats that meet its exuberant leap towards the starry sky.