Lake Pollution

Through a series of works in a universal language that is easy for all ages to enjoy, I want to bring to light the horrors hidden at the bottom of the dark, deep waters of Lake Como.

If the world is going through a period of climate upheaval, it is also the fault of how we have treated our precious resources.

Evolution and adaptation, a journey in Lake Como in the company of a magical alien creature, through time.

An evolution accompanied by a story of waste and garbage.

An Artistic project in support of the RE-LAKE project.

You can find the series of paintings
Lake Pollution
for sale at the GALP Art Gallery

Lake Pollution

Acrylic on canvas 100×100 cm, 2023

La Lucia

Acrylic on canvas 100×120 cm, 2023

Le vie dei fondali

Acrylic on canvas 100×100 cm, 2023


Acrylic on canvas 100×100 cm, 2023

Pesca alla plastica

Acrylic on canvas 100×100 cm, 2023

Lario MOon & Inifinite

Acrylic and mixed media, on canvas 130×177 cm, 2022

Lario MOon & Infinite

The Lario Moon & Infinite painting represents the metaphor of the power of the vibrations generated by the mind that merge with matter in an infinite cycle of duality and constant flow.

What defines the physical reality we live in

The Lario Moon and its leap towards the moon also represents my personal metaphor, in the force of the leap out of the water in contrast with the force of gravity greater than air to reach a star in the sky, the same energy that I put into action in realizing this project born from my dreams.

The moon is that magnificent star that fascinates me and has always been a source of inspiration for me, it accompanies me and accompanied me in the nights of adolescence while I drew and fantasized about thousands of projects, I observed it and still observe it from the window of the bedroom.

Lake Como represents the wonderful material “cage” of this isolated place where I live, a small village with few opportunities, different from the Milan where I grew up for most of my life, a cage detaching itself with the energy of a leap that you project me towards an ethereal dream of freedom full of opportunities.

The sinuosity of the body of the Lario Moon traces the symbol of infinity, which ends with the lake in the lower part and the moon in the upper part, in this infinite cycle, I combine the dream that becomes matter in a duality and vice versa.

I chose black and white, because I love this technique, I started drawing with the classic pencil, creating shades of gray and black to add volume to the drawings, these colors evoke the love of sketches sketched on paper, and the lines of comics.

The use of mixed techniques allows me to vary the chromatic depths, the depths of color, the acrylic black for example never reaches an intense depth of black, while with the overlapping of colored pencil and marker I can reach an otherwise unattainable intensity. .

In this painting I made a technical choice of finishing used in the print, I chose to polish the external white part so that the painting remained opaque and was highlighted by this difference, giving a different importance to a space that many would define empty.

I obtained the glossy finish with a product for the Gloss to be mixed with acrylic to give it that malleability of nuance typical of oil paint. I found that using it as a finish it helps protect the design and the application with a spatula gives a greater materiality to the work, as if it crystallized it.

Lario MOon Born

Acrylic and mixed techniques, on canvas 200×70 cm, 2019

Lario MOon Born

Lario MOon Born represents the birth of Lario MOon, after the lunar tear sinks into the deep and dark waters of the beloved Lake Como, what was the shield during the journey into space, the shell that protected it from atmospheric heat and accompanied all the way to the bottom of the lake, he has completed his mission and breaks, letting emerge what could be the equivalent of an alien tadpole.

A new life born and cradled by the deep, icy and gravity-free darkness very similar to the space it comes from.

It is also the metaphor of my transformation, I made this work in spring 2019 in full pandemic lockdown for Covid 19.

As soon as the first total restrictions were loosened, I was able to reach my studio and dedicate myself to this work, I had no other in mind, I felt the need to dedicate myself to this.

In the darkness of that period I began to paint with a rediscovered spirit, with the desire to be able to be reborn, to change like the caterpillar into a butterfly, forced by an unwanted situation, fallen into the deepest abyss of this half century of lived life, it was necessary to start from scratch for the umpteenth time in my life.

I applied a layer of spatulated Gloss to the painting, a choice to protect the fragility of this moment, with the effect of crystallizing the work and observing it as if behind an icy wall where the light is reflected, changing its depth and perception.

Lario MOon Como Lake & Moon

Acrylic and mixed techniques, on canvas 80×100 cm, 2018

Lario MOon Como Lake & Moon

The painting Lario Moon Como Lake & Moon is the second painting I made on canvas and larger than a sheet of paper.

The representation of the leap of the Lario Moon towards the moon is also the representation of the force necessary to rise to reach one’s dreams.

The moon, mother of the Lario Moon, is the beloved goal of personal fulfillment.

There is depicted a glimpse of Lake Como, the part of the branch that turns towards Lecco, famous in the novel “The Betrothed” by Alessandro Manzoni, is a glimpse of the lake that is very familiar to me because the photographic shot from which I drew inspiration is it was made from the banks of Vassena, the town where I live and which inspires my works.

I made the first drawings of the Lario Moon on gray paper using black and white pencils and markers, a technique that has always fascinated me and with which in the past I had made the first plates of a comic on a story I had written, I can say of having recovered from that point after 25 years.

In this work, born from the success of my first drawings among friends, I wanted to add a touch of color to a work initially conceived in black and white.

I experimented with mixed techniques for the first time, relying on instinct, discovering their expressive potential, something that a pure technique of only brush and acrylic had not yet given me.

I like being able to leave some parts of the picture at an almost sketchy level, being able to play with rough strokes and cast colors.

Lario MOon Impact

Pencils, on A2 paper A2, 2019

Lario MOon Impact

Second work that illustrates the history of the Lario Moon.

Here I have depicted the impact of the tear that fell from the moon falling into Lake Como.

Lario MOon – moon

Acrylic and mixed techniques, on A2 size canvas, 2018

Lario MOon – moon

The first painting I made with the intention of illustrating the history of Lario MOon

Lario MOon love moon

Lario MOon love Moon, acrylic and airbrush on canvas, 2017

Lario MOon love moon

This is the first painting on canvas I made of the Lario MOon.

After the appreciation received for the series of drawings, I took up the first drawing of the Lario MOon and brought it back to canvas.

In depicting the typical leap out of the waters of the Lario MOon intent on reaching the maternal love of the moon, I entered Lucia’s boat with the 2 rowers who carry it and cling in an attempt not to end up thrown out into the icy waters of the lake .

I experimented with phosphorescent materials and colors to create the Moon with the intention of making it visible even in the dark.